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  • Malkin, Robert (EWH, 2006)
    This article describes the clinical use of bottle gasses for anesthesia as well as common problems associated with their use.
  • Unknown author (WHO, 1994)
    It is assumed that hospital laboratories, theatres, and other departments that use gas cylinders will be using cylinders owned by the vendor. The problems of refilling will therefore not be considered. Cylinders are ...
  • Unknown author (EWH, 2015)
    This is a Powerpoint explaining how to use and operate bottled gasses for anesthesia.
  • Unknown author (WHO, 1994)
    Continuous-flow anaesthetic machines (commonly known as Boyle's machines or simply gas machines) are in widespread use. They rely on a supply of compressed medical gas, either from cylinders attached directly to the machine ...



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