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Browsing Repairing Medical Equipment by Subject "Phototherapy"

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  • Unknown author (Cenetc-Salud, 2004)
    Como se dijo anteriormente la fototerapia es el tratamiento comúnmente utilizado para la hiperbilirrubinemia neonatal y se basa en la fotodegradación que experimenta la bilirrubina in vivo e in vitro, dando lugar a ...
  • Unknown author (2015)
    This is a Powerpoint explaining how to use and operate phototherapy lights.
  • Malkin, Robert (EWH, 2006)
    The buildup of bilirubin in an infant’s blood, caused by decreased liver functions, can cause long term damage to the child. Bilirubin buildup causes the patients’ coloring to range from yellow to orange to red depending ...
  • Malkin, Robert (2006)
    The word spectrophotometer is derived from the Latin word spectrum, which means image, and the Greek word phos or photos, which means light. The spectrophotometer is one of the main diagnostic and research instruments ...



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