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Browsing Repairing Medical Equipment by Subject "Suction Machine"

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  • Skeet, Muriel; Fear, David (VSO, 1995)
    There are several types of suction machine. According to the design, different flow rates and different pressures - high, low or dual - can be attained. It is important to read and understand the relevant documentation ...
  • Unknown author (EWH, 2015)
    This packet contains information about the operation, maintenance, and repair of suction machines or aspirators.
  • Unknown author (EWH, 2015)
    This is a Powerpoint explaining how to use and operate suction machines.
  • Unknown author (WHO, 1996)
    The usual atmospheric pressure used for calibration is 760 mmHg (100 kPa or 14.7 psi), which is the standard at sea level. Negative pressure is any pressure that is less than atmospheric, or zero, on the pressure gauge. A ...
  • Unknown author (EWH, 2015)
    This article contains a flowchart for troubleshooting suction machine.
  • Malkin, Robert (EWH, 2006)
    A suction pump can have hundreds of uses in the medical setting, all of which relate to removing fluids and substances from the body. Suction pumps can be used for removing ingested toxins (a stomach pump), unwanted fats ...



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