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  • Unknown author (WHO, 1994)
    The Oxford Bellows is a hand-operated bellows unit for inflating the lungs (Fig. 4.1). It consists of an inlet connection and valve, the bellows in the middle, an outlet valve with outlet connection, and tap. There is a ...
  • Malkin, Robert (EWH, 2006)
    Many patients in an intensive care and the operating room require the mechanical ventilation of their lungs. All thoracic surgery patients, for example, require mechanical ventilation. Some patients simply need assistance ...
  • Pescod, David (2007)
    Modern anaesthesia is safe. In countries that have extensive anaesthetic resources, the risk of dying is one in 100,000 to 500,000. The risk of death has decreased to one-tenth of what it was thirty years ago. Safety has ...
  • Cassandra Stanco for Engineering World Health (EWH) (EWH, 2015)
    This/packet/contains/information/about/the/operation,/maintenance,/and/repair/of/external/ ventilators/and/ventilators/for/anesthesia/systems.//
  • Unknown author (2015)
    This is a Powerpoint explaining how to use and ventilators for anesthesia.
  • Unknown author (UHANDISI WA BIOMEDICAL, 2020)
  • Unknown author (WHO, 1994)
    Anaesthetic machines and ventilators should be tested in the room or area where the equipment is situated, if at all possible. Service personnel must wear accepted operating-room clothing in the surgical areas. Contact the ...
  • Unknown author (2004)
    La falla o insuficiencia respiratoria puede ser de dos tipos: En la oxigenación, que se caracteriza por disminución en la presión parcial de oxígeno en la sangre arterial. En la ventilación, caracterizada por ...



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