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  • Unknown author (EWH, 2016)
    This article contains tips for the preventative maintenance of defibrillators.
  • Malkin, Robert (EWH, 2006)
    A defibrillator is used to reverse fibrillation of the heart, restoring the heart’s normally coordinated contractions. The uncoordinated contractions of the heart can take place in the atrial, or upper, chamber of the heart ...
  • Cassandra Stanco for Engineering World Health (EWH) (EWH, 2015)
    This packet contains information about the operation, maintenance, and repair of defibrillators.
  • Unknown author (Ziken International, 2005)
    La desfibrilación es la entrega de corriente eléctrica al músculo de corazón, ya sea de forma directa al pecho abierto o indirectamente a través de la pared del tórax para terminar con una fibrilación ventricular ...
  • Unknown author (EWH, 2015)
    his article contains a flowchart for troubleshooting defibrillators.



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