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  • Unknown author (EWH, 2018)
    A bent shaft increases motor vibration. A bent shaft can be responsible for the noisy operation of a motor. A bent shaft in motor should be corrected or replaced for proper operation of a motor.
  • Unknown author (Duke University, 2016)
    The Biomedical Technician’s Assessment Instrument Package includes the foundations of survey instruments, survey scripts, and reference materials used in the assessment of biomedical technician’s impact on hospitals in ...
  • Wikibooks Contributors (Wikibooks, 2006)
    The primary function of blood is to supply nutrients and constitutional elements to tissues and to remove waste products. Blood also enables cells and different substances to be transported between tissues and organs. ...
  • Felder, Kenny; Gloag, Andrew; Krame, Melissa; Rawley, Eve (CK-12 Foundation, 2011-02-20)
    This is a university level algebra textbook.
  • Cifarelli, Victor; Fiori, Nick; Gloag, Andrew; Greenberg, Dan; Jordan, Lori; Sconyers, Jim; Zahner, BIll (CK-12 Foundation, 2011-02-01)
    This is a university level geometry textbook for BMETs.
  • Meery, Brenda; Parsons, Richard (CK-12 Foundation, 2011-09-01)
    This is a university level probability and statistics textbook for BMETs.
  • Fortgang, Art; Gloag, Andrew; Hayes, Andrea; Landers, Mara; Meery, Brenda; Ottman, Larry; Rawley, Eve (CK-12 Foundation, 2011-09-01)
    This is a university level trigonometry textbook for BMETs.
  • Skeet, Muriel; Fear, David (VSO, 1995)
    Bottled oxygen is supplied under pressure in specially designed steel cylinders of varying sizes. British Standard oxygen bottles range in capacity from 170 litres to 6800 litres.
  • Unknown author (EWH, 2018)
    An electric brush is part of a motor. DC motors have several spring-loaded brushes pushing against each side of the motor’s commutator. Electric brushes conduct electricity between the motor’s fixed wiring (stator) and the ...
  • Unknown author (EWH, 2018)
    Rechargeable batteries are common in medical equipment. Batteries convert chemical energy into electrical energy. This process can be reversed in rechargeable batteries, converting electrical energy into chemical energy. Once ...
  • Unknown author (EWH, 2018)
    This skill is an introduction to basic circuit theory. First, you must understand that electricity only flows in a closed circuit. A closed circuit is a loop of materials that will conduct electricity. An open circuit is ...
  • Unknown author (2018)
    Cable strain relief systems are important to protect the cable fiber at the plug or the connector. Cable strain relief systems are conical polymers that allow the fiber within the cable to bend, minimizing the stress where ...
  • Unknown author (EWH, 2018)
    A blood pressure (BP) apparatus or sphygmomanometer is a medical device. A BP apparatus measures the vital sign of blood pressure. A BP apparatus has two parts: an inflatable cuff and a manometer. The inflatable cuff ...
  • Unknown author (EWH, 2018)
    Calibration compares an instrument’s output against an accurate standard. Once an error is known, any deviations can be corrected. For example, a thermometer could be calibrated and adjusted to show the true temperature ...
  • Unknown author (EWH, 2018)
    A non-invasive blood pressure machine is a medical device used to measure blood pressure. A non-invasive blood pressure machine is electric. A non-invasive blood pressure machine consists of an inflatable cuff and an ...
  • Unknown author (EWH, 2018)
    Carbon brushes transfer electric current from the motor housing to the commutator on the motor shaft. The motor housing is stationary. The commutator spins rapidly when the motor is on. Carbon brushes are continuously ...
  • Wikibooks Contributors (Wikibooks, 2006)
  • Caulk 
    Unknown author (EWH, 2018)
    Caulk is a sealant. Use caulk to seal gaps and joints for plumbing and construction projects. Caulk prevents leaks. Caulk is used on plastic, wood, tile or concrete. Caulk sets in approximately two hours.
  • Wikibooks Contributors (Wikibooks, 2006)
    Cells are the microscopic fundamental units of all living things. Every living thing has cells: bacteria, protozoans, fungi, plants, and animals are the main groups (Kingdoms) of living things. Some organisms are made up ...
  • Unknown author (WHO, 2005)
    This is checklist for the operation of anesthetic apparatus.



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