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dc.description.abstract An O-ring is a rubber loop. An O-ring sits in a groove between two parts of a machine. Sometimes an O-ring is not visible until a machine is disassembled. When compressed, an O-ring forms a seal. The seal prevents liquid or gas from leaking. A damaged O-ring cannot form a seal. Liquid or gas leaks out of the machine around a damaged O-ring. A small leak wastes energy. A big leak can prevent a machine from working. Damaged O-rings should be replaced. O-rings are manufactured in many different sizes. The size of an O-ring includes its diameter and its cross-section (thickness). It is important to buy an O-ring that is the correct size. An O-ring that is the wrong size will not form a tight seal. It is also important to buy an O-ring that has the correct elasticity. en_US
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dc.source BTA Skills
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dc.title O-Rings en_US
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