X-Ray Routine maintenance modules

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Routine maintenance is a procedure to ensure equip- ment is kept in good condition, and provide a long operating life. Routine maintenance may also discover potential problems, which could cause equipment failure. Potential problems can then be corrected, with a minimum of down time. ‘Quality control’ procedures, to ensure correct operation and calibration, are also a part of routine maintenance. Carrying out routine maintenance produces good knowledge of the equipment, and in case of a problem, this knowledge will help to locate the cause. Where there is a more serious problem, accurate reporting for assistance will allow faster and more economic response. For example, the service engineer can then arrive with suitable parts and test equipment. A major part of routine maintenance is just inspec- tion of equipment.This should be done as if seeing the equipment for the first time. At the same time, make note of less understood operation areas, and refer to the operation manual for explanation.
X-Ray, UMDNS: 13267