Pattern recognition in diagnostic imaging

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As modern, high technology based diagnostic imaging is moving increasingly into therapeutic medicine, and molecular imaging is becoming daily routine, it is impor- tant to remember that thousands of hospitals and medical institutions worldwide do not even have possibilities to perform the most basic examinations. Today, few other areas of medicine experience such a rapidly growing gap between what might be technically possible, e.g., what can be done in highly developed, rich countries com- pared to what is the reality in many less fortunate areas of the world. As the ultimate target for the World Health Organization is to provide Health For All, it is with great pleasure and sincere gratitude to Professor Carr, his staff and co- authors that this book on Pattern Recognition in Diagnostic Imaging is now being published and distributed. It aims in a simple, but precise way at assisting medical professionals doing a tremendous work to save lives and reduce suffering in countries where diagnostic imaging has not yet reached the stage of molecular imaging. We would warmly recommend that this book should not be put on a shelf or into a locker, but be used by everybody whose obligation it is to prescribe, perform, or interpret simple, but often life-saving diagnostic imaging procedures especially in locations where the presence of qualified and fully trained specialists would be a rare exception. The book is developed and published as a WHO Document under the umbrella of the Global Steering Group for Eduction and Training in Diagnostic Imaging. For further information, please contact:
Diagnostic Imaging, X-Ray