User Care of Medical Equipment A first line maintenance guide for end users

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Strengthening Specialised Clinical Services in the Pacific
This manual is intended to be a guide for the medical equipment user to carry out basic equipment care tasks. As the majority of equipment problems are either simple or user-related it is the aim that the better care and regular maintenance enabled by this manual will have a significant positive effect on the delivery of healthcare. The tasks are limited to simple „first-line‟ maintenance, that is:  tasks that can be done by the user of the equipment  tasks that take place at the point of equipment use  tasks that do not require the opening of the main body of the equipment This manual is not intended as a complete maintenance guide – that is the role of a biomedical technician. Neither is it intended to be a guide to the actual use of equipment – it is assumed that the user is trained in the correct operation of the equipment. Users are asked to note that while every care has been taken to make the contents as clear and accurate as possible, neither the authors nor SSCSiP can take responsibility for the results of actions taken as a consequence of using this manual.
Maintenance, Medical Equipment