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dc.description.abstract A drill is a tool that creates cylindrical holes in materials. Drills are commonly used to create holes in wood and metal. There are many different types of drills. A manual hand drill must be driven by hand. A handle is rotated to create the torque needed to drill a hole with a manual drill. Manual drills should not be used to drill very hard materials. A cordless hand drill is a type of electric drill that uses rechargeable batteries. A drill press is a fixed drill. A drill press has a mounted drill on a stand. A drill includes a rotating cutting tool called a drill bit. Drill bits are available in many different style and sizes. Therefore, you can drill many different sized holes into different types of materials. Drill bits of different materials have different hardness. Select the appropriate drill bit to drill into materials of different hardness. en_US
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dc.subject Mechanical en_US
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dc.subject BTA Skills
dc.title Drilling holes en_US
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